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    There is nothing frustrating than a crushed computer, in this modern times computer is becoming a necessity to everyone and no one can do without a computer. That's why Computer repair Virginia Beach VA has come with a wide range of solution to save you from these kinds of frustrations.

    When the computer word is mentioned it's good to understand that it's made of so many components that are built to work with each other, a computer cannot be complete without mentioning the following major components, The case-with is what holds all other components, Power supply that serves to power all the devices in a computer, Motherboard- a circuit board where all parts are connected, Central processing unit referred to as the CPU-the central working point, Random Access Memory aka RAM or Memory-saves data temporarily, Hard drive- Stores data permanently. These are some of the basic computer components.

    Imagine this you are late to catch a flight as you rush to computer to print the ticket, the machine cannot be turned on, this where the word repair comes in. Computer is faced by quite a number of threats but some problems can be caused by the user. It's good to understand that the computer works just like any other machine and therefore it requires proper attention, protection and proper maintenance.

    With attention, it's good to ensure that your computer is well attended to, cover it to protect it from dust as this could get to the inside of your computer, if your computer is subject to too much dust this could prevent some of its components from working like the fan, the fans works in cooling your computer and its failure could result into a computer that keeps on rebooting itself every now and then.

    With protection, we are talking of protecting your computer against; Virus and Malware- this can be prevented and removed by a good up to date Anti-Virus, an authorized access this can prevented by a password know only to you or authorized persons.

    Maintenance is dusting your computer, blowing the inside after a certain period, ensuring that cable are complete and well connected, making sure that you use quality power cables, these ensures complete circuits.

    Above all it's always advisable to back up your data to always be on the safe side as some times the damage could be beyond repair like in the case of a fire outbreak, Power surge or Flooding.

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